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When creating a player character, you will need to decide which realm you would like it to belong to. A realm is a large collective of peoples who reside in a specific part of the world, often in a capital city. The theme of each realm varies immensely, and their attitudes, motives, belief systems, culture and history is as varied as the last. Realms do not offer benefits when it comes to rules purposes, but in all aspects of the game lore, realms play a big part in group and world politics as well as how their people are treated by those not of their realm. A brief description of all playable realms is listed below.


As a player, you should refer to the Lore Compendium for more detailed information about playable realms, and for the costume requirements needed to play a character from a specific realm. This guide is available to download for free from the RULES & LORE page of this website.


Hailing from the volcanic peaks of the Morrdoun Mountains in the southeast of Mainland Neothera, the people of the Arak’Char are considered the most stubborn and hardiest fighters in the world. The inhabitants of this realm are most renowned for the worship of the God of Fire and Goddess of Earth, and the red and black warpaint they apply to their faces and bodies to seek their deities favour. Acts of cannibalism are associated with power rather than survival, and it is commonplace for clans to compete against each other for social dominance, where the strongest will often fight to the death to prove they are at the peak of their game.

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Black Hammer Bay is an infamous coastal city situated on the south coast of Mainland Neothera and neighbours Jerrod’s Front, whose L'Enaroussian inhabitants are considered old enemies of this realm. Those who have never found their place in society within the various realms of Neothera have ended up here, for Black Hammer Bay is the home of the lost and damned. Whilst many folks of the bay are considered to be untrustworthy, pirate scoundrels, there are those who do not share the mercenary attitude of the majority, and can be relied upon and even trusted by members of the other realms.

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The Blightfoot Gunners hail from the City of Blightfoot Ridge in the west and are the most technologically advanced realm in the Mainland. These industrious people favour the practicalities of science over the use of magic to fulfil even the simplest of tasks, also being the first realm to successfully harness the power of steam and electricity to operate mechanical devices. Blightfoot Ridge stands at the forefront of science and technology, and whilst their dapper dress-sense may be seen as a farcical statement of pompousness by individuals from other realms, their technology, inventions, and especially their weaponry, is most certainly not!

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The Frozen North is home to two realms: Nald; governed by the Vampyre Council, focused on ensuring the infected living rise again as wights rather than the mindless dead, and Karthsworn; led by the Dark Elf Congress, devoted to their mission of ridding the world of the mindless dead and malicious demons. The cold and harsh wastes are perfect for any species of the undead to thrive, but until recently, were no place for the living. The realms of the Frozen North have recently approved the living passage to their lands, and have allowed them to join the ranks of the undead that inhabit the realms of Nald and Karthsworn.

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The Hemadri, sons and daughters of the God of Nature, Haman’li, dwell deep in the Na’tohram Gheneris rainforest in the southwest regions of the Mainland. The Hemadri ensure that considerable note is made of understanding all of the elements, especially that of nature, for these are considered the building blocks of the universe, and hence all Hemadri believe that these are also part of the basic structure of themselves. Their capital city, Zan’zoula, is built around the base of the gargantuan World Tree, said to be the birthplace of nature itself. The inhabitants of this realm are chiefly the half-human, half-animal beastkin.


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The L’Enarousse hail from the coastal city of Jerrod’s Front, located on the southern coast of the Mainland. The city is built upon sloping green hills that meander towards a naturally formed harbour. With a strong heritage in fishing, and with the largest naval and land-based armies in the Mainland, the L’Enarousse is considered the most powerful realm in Neothera. Jerrod’s Front is also famous for trade, where many routes to the other realms pass the city and its central, coastal location in the Mainland. L’Enaroussian people are famously headstrong, and their chivalrous knights and soldiers are prepared to face any opponent head-on with a full suit of armour, a sharpened sword or arrows, and quite often a large repertoire of spells.

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In the centre of the Southern Realms sits a colourful, sprawling city divided into three equal districts by rivers that meet at its centre. The urka and humans of the City of Sora'Harumi integrated well since occupying the lands in the Third Age, and they respect and honour each other as equals. Outside of the city walls, the Outlander tribes can be found, who work tirelessly to provide Sora'Harumi with food and supplies and defend the city from ferocious, feral beasts that roam the lands. The remnants of a huge, golden craft rest upon an island at the centre of the city. It is here that Olkren’Gorami, the powerful yet humble king of Sora’Harumi, leads his people with the assistance of elite soldiers and advisors of the Order of the Veracious Divine.

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Eric Hemslake, commander of the Mainland City of Talanor, extended a welcome to the people of the western realms of Eùnd Vald as a way to strengthen the city following the burning of the Mainland. The Western Confederation formed after peace was brought to the cities of Vesthold and Otta in the western realms, and is led by King Olaffson, Queen Fraydis Skaldmaer, King Karagal of the Sheik’ah dragonkin and Eric Hemslake. Talanor is a realm that accepts people of all races and creeds and has become a stronghold for westerners seeking to make a new start in the Mainland or repay debts of gratitude for the help given by Mainlanders in their recently resolved wars.

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Once known as Lyshanduir, a planet bathed in light, the homeworld of the faeries slowly slipped into darkness and became known as Terminarium. The demonic Nightmares were responsible for spreading the Plague of Undeath here, and the infected fey became vampyres, sucking the light and life from their living counterparts. War raged between the vampyres and the faeries until the Fifth Age when the last of the fey escaped Terminarium and fled to Neothera. The vampyres that remained fought with their blackened hearts until they broke free from the power of the Nightmares, and led by the Vampyre King Venstrim, they search for a way to restore the light lost in Terminarium and rally to their cause all those that share the same goal.

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