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UK LARP Neothera Saga Player Reviews

"If you need to escape the world, even just for a little bit, Neothera is the place you want to go. This group puts their heart and soul into creating an experience that will stick with you for the rest of your life. I've been twice now to both the single day adventures and the weekend events. I got to meet so many wonderful and lovely people - It’s so inclusive! They make you feel as if you've been there since the start! It’s brilliant for children too - I met this wonderful little faerie on my second trip. This group really does make you feel like family."

Renara (Maria)

UK LARP Neothera Saga Player Reviews

"I love Neothera because of the accessible, immersive stories you explore whilst in play that even you can change the course of. The tales we follow, and the stories and secrets that unfold, always stun, terrify, and excite me as to what's to come next!"

TeaDracula (Faun)

UK LARP Neothera Saga Player Reviews

"Neothera is one of the most inviting and friendly LARPs in the UK. Your character and players around you make an amazing impact on Neothera. Neothera is rich in lore with the smallest of details given love. Extremely-friendly staff to support the newbies to veteran LARPers." 

 Simon (Sontár Moonbow)

UK LARP Neothera Saga Player Reviews

"Neothera is a LARP that hasn't let its popularity and demand compromise its design philosophy. Neothera focuses on small and intimate games of heroes changing the world, and even though they have the capacity for many more players, they always limit to no more than 25. This enables them to really tie in players into the game world and engage them into their character's backstory." 

Larp Analysis - Will (Soleil)

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"Neothera is an amazing game that brings fantasy and steampunk together in an extravagant harmonisation of story and roleplay. I love the balance of combat, mystery and story in Neothera, as it creates a natural feel to the game and allows for better roleplay and interaction between players and NPCs. The lore is rich and diverse, which subsequently creates a good amount of history to set the stage for what is happening."


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"Neothera Saga is an intimate and small system that offers diversity in its settings, while still giving highly immersive gameplay providing players with the ability to enjoy the amazing depth of lore and scope of play which gives people incredible experiences. Neothera is an amazing community to belong to."

Mike (Vinallic)

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"Neothera was my first exposure to LARP. I was introduced to it by a friend who I played DnD with who a lot of you might know, the infamous Soleil Encarmine. I was nervous at first, but I quickly found the people at the game and the system to be welcoming and fun, making tonnes of new friendships with people. It's not a stretch to say that discovering Neothera – and by extension LARP – has heavily influenced my life."

Callum (Aeorin)

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