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The purpose of the Journeyman newspaper is to provide in-character (IC) information on past, present and (potentially) future events that are taking place in the game-world. Articles are written by the game staff or our players, and provide information that relates to the event plot, world news, politics, local stories or legends, advertisement of in-game products or services and stories or accounts submitted to the newspaper by the various inhabitants of the world.


Printed in the City of Blightfoot Ridge by the Wanderlust Press and funded by the Tutela Syndicate Bank, the Journeyman provides players with unbiased, real-life accounts of the news from across Neothera.



The paper is collated and published by the game staff and is only produced for our weekend events. You can download PDF copies of our past issues by clicking the links above. If you have taken part in a previous Neothera Saga event, you can submit a Journeyman article you have written by emailing it to us at The follow rules apply:


  • The articles can be written by players or crew and should record an account of an event (or events) that the character witnessed or has an opinion on

  • Only IC material can be submitted, out of character (OOC) opinions etc. cannot be used

  • Players may only submit articles written by their character/s

  • Crew may submit articles written on behalf of NPCs they played at an event

  • A payment of 40 Llandies (in-game currency) will be added to your character sheet if the article is published. Confirmation will be given to you, and payment provided BEFORE the next weekend event takes place)

  • In the case where more than one article is submitted for the same subject, the staff will choose the most interesting or well-written article to be published

  • The Wunderlust Press (IC) reserves the right to amend articles accordingly. If there is a drastic change, you will be informed (OOC) before your article is published

  • Articles should be no longer 600 words and at least 350 words to warrant a payment

  • No more than TWO articles will be published in a single issue for the same character. If you have (for example) two characters, then you may submit up to four articles (two written by each character)

  • If you wish to advertise/sell something (including services) you will need to submit a published (edited, ideally with some sort of logo or image) JPEG or JPG file for our use. Please note, staff do not have the time to draw up a fully illustrated advertisement for you!

  • Your character’s name will appear alongside the article you have written

  • The Journeyman will always be published with a minimum of four sides of A4 paper and will include pictures where necessary

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