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Our participants have described Neothera Saga events as the perfect introduction to LARP for newcomers, as well as offering thorough and detailed content that allows seasoned players to take their game to another level. Each event follows the story of the people of the world of Neothera as they contend with the struggles of everyday life, politics and war in a fictional world. Our diverse and detailed participant-led plot delves into the tales of ordinary citizens, right up to the great heroes of the lands.


Every choice you make as a player or crew member will have an impact on the world, and the story will change, for better or worse, according to your actions. We offer two different styles of events, and there are several ways to get involved as listed below.


You create a character/persona of your choice that you will play at events. The plot will unfold around you and be shaped according to your actions. You maintain your persona for the duration of the event and providing your character is not slain you will be rewarded with Experience Points (EXP) that allow you to buy abilities that represent skills your character has learned. There are several things to consider before creating a character, the first being what you would feel most comfortable doing during an event. There are roles to cater for all styles of play, from close combat fighters, bow and firearm users, spellcasters, surgeons, scholars and artisans. All player characters are completely customisable; however, the basis of a character will always follow a simple formula for it to fit into the world of Neothera through lineage, and how it performs in battles or interacts with other inhabitants of the fictional world.


Crewing is a great way to get a feel for the Neothera Saga system, especially if you are new to LARP. You will play a variety of roles such as monsters that fight the players, and acting parts that help deliver the plot to those who are playing. You can, if you choose, work behind the scenes to assist with props and set dressing. Crewing is entirely free of charge, and refreshments are provided at our weekend events. Costume and props will be supplied for you, and you will be rewarded with Hero Points (HRP) to thank you for your hard work.


Our WEEKEND EVENT guide provides an overview of what to prepare and bring to events, as well as covering logistics, and out-of-character (OOC) information such as timings, site safety, facilities and rules.


Head to the WEEKEND EVENTS page for a full list of our upcoming events.

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