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We run weekend events at Taw Bottom, a private camp situated in the centre of Devon at South Tawton, near Okehampton. These events begin on Friday evening and end on Sunday afternoon, and participants can camp onsite for the duration of their stay, making use of the site facilities available to them. Participants take part as their player characters for the duration of the event, and the crew will play various NPCs that interact with player characters.

These events are regarded as being extremely immersive due to the high level of costume, props and special audio and visual effects we create and present to our participants, as well as the extended length of time participants can play their characters. The remote and intimate nature of the event site allows participants to immerse themselves fully into the game world and their roles. Players must purchase tickets for weekend events, and attendance is free for the crew.






Taw Bottom is situated in the centre of Devon at South Tawton, near Okehampton. One of its boundaries is the River Taw, and it is within walking distance of Dartmoor. The fourteen-acre site boasts the following features:

  • Be aware that the site has no refuse or recycling facilities! Please clean up after yourself in both IC and OOC areas. You should also bring refuse sacks for rubbish and ensure you take all of your rubbish home with you

  • Large parking area for vehicles

  • Longhouse with sleeping areas and a large, fully-fitted kitchen (for crew-use only)

  • Indoor toilets and hot water showers with disabled access (located by the car park)

  • A dedicated out-of-character (OOC) camping area with indoor toilets, hot water shower facilities and undercover area to cook and relax

  • Several in-character (IC) fields, each with sheltered areas and the option to camp IC

  • BBQ areas and firepits for IC cooking

  • Woodland areas and winding paths to explore

  • Huge IC campfire area

  • Wild-swimming location

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Taw Bottom Camp Site Neothera Saga UK LARP



Taw Bottom Devon Guides Camp Site, Taw Bottom, South Tawton, EX20 2LP


SX 647945


Click HERE 

Lane from the main road: chairing.mainframe.crass
Car park: manager.defectors.blazed


Go to Whiddon Down (just off the A30 dual carriageway) then on towards Sticklepath. Ignore initial turnings to South Tawton and South Zeal. At the bottom of the hill, pass the large office building. After approx. 1⁄4 mile, turn RIGHT at FORD CROSS signed South Zeal and South Tawton. You have gone too far if you reach the village of Sticklepath.
** Go across the first crossroads (Zeal Head Cross) and follow the road to South Tawton (1⁄2mile), past the church, bear left at the junction (Slew
Hill Cross) and after approx. 150m take the first main turning left into an unmade lane. At the bottom of the hill, turn left through the gate and
carry on for 300m. Taw Bottom campsite starts at the end of this road, at the gate into the car park.

At the eastern end of Okehampton, follow signs to Sticklepath. At the far end of the village, cars can turn left at the junction signed South Tawton and turn left again at the top of the hill to South Tawton Church (then see above **).

Many of our attendees are happy to car share with others. Please head over to our Facebook Community Group or Discord Server and post to state you require a lift. Links to these groups are found at the bottom of this page.

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11:00 AM: Staff will begin preparing the site for the event, applying set-dressing, sorting costumes, weapons, props and other equipment. 
EARLY ARRIVAL: Players and crew are welcome to arrive on this day and camp overnight. However, payment of £15 must be made in cash when you arrive to cover the additional night's stay. Please email to let us know if you intend to arrive on this day.

10:00 AM: The site is open to all participants.
4:30 PM: Crew need to be gathered at the car park for briefings and costumes.
5:00 PM: Players need to be in costume and gathered at the car park for safety briefings.
6:00 PM: TIME IN - The game will begin! (start time may vary) 
MIDNIGHT: SOFT TIME OUT - Main encounters will end, but the role-play will continue throughout the night.

8:00 AM: Longhouse and kitchen are open for crew use.
9:00 AM: The crew should gather at the car park for briefings and costumes.
10:00 AM: TIME IN - Main encounters will start to occur (start time may vary).
MIDNIGHT: SOFT TIME OUT - Main encounters will end, but the role-play will continue throughout the night.

8:00 AM: Longhouse and kitchen are open for crew use.
9:00 AM: The crew should gather at the car park for briefings and costumes.
10:00 AM: TIME IN - Major encounters will start to occur (start time may vary).
3:00 PM: TIME OUT - The game has finished. All crew are required to assist in site cleanup.
6:00 PM: SITE CLOSED - The site must be vacated no later than this time.

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  • Please let a member of staff know you have arrived at the site.

  • The crew may gather to socialise in the Longhouse. Players may gather to socialise at the HAWTHORN OOC CAMP. Player packs (containing staff-issued in-game items such as potions and cash) will be ready to collect in the wooden hut at this location.

  • Players must NOT enter in-character (IC) zones until TIME IN is called.

  • The site has ample free parking facilities. Please only park in the main car park.

  • The Longhouse is used as a base of operations for the staff and crew and is equipped with a kitchen, oven and fridge. There is no need to bring plates, cups, cutlery etc. as this is provided. However, please ensure you wash and clean up after yourself. This building is strictly off-limits to players once TIME IN has been called unless there is an emergency.

  • Once TIME IN is called, the only out-of-character (OOC) areas of the site are the car park, HAWTHORN camping field, toilet and shower blocks and inside the Longhouse. Be aware that using these areas to purposely escape IC events are not tolerated by the staff unless it is a matter of health and safety.

  • Drinking water taps and toilet/shower blocks with hot water are located by the Longhouse and in the HAWTHORN OOC camping field.

  • Outdoor fires may be lit but only in the permitted areas. Please speak to a member of staff before lighting a fire. Only fallen timber may be collected from around the site for firewood. If you wish to cook in IC areas you may do so at the dedicated fire pits and BBQ points under the direction of the staff.

  • Open fires and smoking are NOT permitted in the car park, undercover barns, IC tents, the Longhouse or the toilet/shower blocks.

  • Please clean up after yourself in both IC and OOC areas. You should also bring refuse sacks for rubbish and ensure you take all of your rubbish home with you - Be aware that the site has no refuse or recycling facilities!

  • Items supplied by the club, such as potion bottles, used item cards or other props should be placed in the Item Dumps (boxes in the wooden shelters in IC areas of the site) or given to a member of staff when no longer required.

  • There are no plug sockets for electrical equipment, so please plan accordingly.

  • Do not leave the site whilst the game is in progress without first informing a member of staff - This is for health and safety reasons.

  • Mobile reception in the area is hit-and-miss; however, there is a phone in the Longhouse which may be used in an emergency.

  • Neothera Saga UK LARP will not be held responsible for any damages, theft or loss of property that may occur as a result of attending an event.

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If you do not have your own costume, or if you are crewing an event, a plain black or brown top, trousers and belt are VITAL (no visible logos, imagery or brand names please). Jeans are NOT allowed to be worn at any of our games. We highly recommend bringing several pairs of spare socks. A change of clothes (you may get muddy and wet) and dark gloves are also useful. The staff will not provide any of these items so you must source your own.

Comfortable and safe footwear suitable for uneven surfaces, grass, mud, and concrete. We cannot stress how important decent footwear is, and it is worth investing in as you will be on your feet for long periods. Trainers are NOT allowed. Footwear and laces must be black or brown – walking boots or wellingtons are ideal. We recommend bringing a spare pair of boots should one pair break or become water-logged. The staff are unable to provide spare boots.

Tunic, furs, chainmail, masks, cap or dart firing guns, bows etc. Remember to pack the core gear that brings your character to life! If you are crewing the staff will supply you with all the costumes you need for the event, however, you are welcome to bring any gear that you have and wish to use. If you are a player and need to borrow a costume, weapons or armour for an event or would like advice on reputable retailers, please contact us via email at

A rucksack is useful for adventures to allow you to carry water and food. Pouches or smaller bags are also great to allow you to safely store in-game items you will collect on your adventures. These must not be modern-looking and must fit the theme of the system. The crew will be supplied with these by the staff.

All players MUST bring a notebook with their character’s abilities and any other useful information listed in it. The staff can only check your character sheet if we have access to the Internet, and some rural locations do not allow this. It is YOUR responsibility to ensure you know your character’s vital statistics! A notebook and pencil are also useful for jotting down any important information you learn IC. Do not expect the staff to remind you of this at a later date if you were not paying attention or failed to make a note – You learn what your character learns! If you are using a notebook, pen or pencil for in-character purposes, please ensure it is appropriate for the theme of the system.

Many encounters take place when it is dark, and for this reason, we recommend bringing a lantern that is appropriate for the theme of the system. Candle, oil or battery-powered lanterns can be used providing they do not look too modern. We recommend bringing a torch for use in OOC areas. For safety reasons, the game staff may occasionally use torches in IC areas. The crew will be supplied with portable, IC lightning by the staff if it is required. Pyrotechnics may be used at events for activities such as rituals etc. You MUST contact us by email before an event if you wish to do this and only use them under the instruction and guidance of the staff.

At weekend events modern-looking tents must be pitched in the dedicated OOC camping field. If you own a suitable IC tent (bell tent, canvass tent etc.) you may camp in the IC areas of the event site as directed by a member of staff. However, being camped in an IC area means monsters and other players can attack or enter your tent at any time! We advise you to keep OOC valuables locked away in a car or other safe place. Remember to pack a camp bed, airbed or foam roller to sleep on, also bear in mind the nights are cold, and you will likely need a decent sleeping bag or a few good blankets to keep you warm. The staff are unable to supply tents or sleeping gear.


Plasters, painkillers, hydration salts and other common medical equipment found in any good first-aid kit should be carried by all participants. Whilst the staff do have a substantial first-aid kit on hand at our events we recommend also bringing your own to be safe. If you require medical attention due to an accident at one of our events, we always have trained first-aiders on standby that can assist you. 

This is vital in the summer months. Getting sunstroke will put an end to your adventure should you not apply sunscreen. This is not supplied by the staff so remember to bring your own.

Insect repellent is a must-have during the summer months. We also recommend acquiring a tick-removal device. For hygiene reasons, we do not recommend sharing removal devices, and therefore the staff cannot supply you with them either.

If you require medication remember to bring it with you and advise a member of staff of your needs. At weekend events, you may store your medication in the fridge at the Longhouse if required.

Everyone that attends an event is required to clean up after themselves, or we run the risk of not being allowed to return to a site if it is left in a poor state. All participants will need to supply their own refuse sacks and ensure they clean up after themselves. All refuse must be taken home with you and disposed of accordingly. The site does NOT have refuse facilities. Please also ensure you clean up after yourself if applying makeup or prosthetics in the public washrooms.

There are hot water shower facilities and washbasins at the event site. Remember to bring soap, shower gel, shampoo, toothpaste, towels etc. You must also your own toilet paper as this cannot always be supplied by the staff. The staff will provide wet wipes for crew use as you may need to remove face paint or prosthetics during the event. All participants should bring hand sanitiser and face coverings to wear as they see fit.

Be aware that players and crew do not have access to mains electricity supplies at events, therefore, should you need to recharge your mobile phone or other electronic devices, we advise investing in a portable power bank.

Should you need to grab supplies from a shop, we advise making sure you have funds on you. We do NOT supply or sell food to participants (except for snacks provided for the crew at our weekend events). If you are buying a ticket when you arrive at the site (as agreed in advance with the system manager), be aware that we only accept cash payments. A payment of £15 must be made in cash if you are camping on Thursday night before the event starts.



We do not provide or sell food at our events, and all participants will need to bring a supply of their own. Be aware that shops are only accessible via car from any of the event sites we use. We do, however, provide the crew with free snacks at our weekend events.

Free drinking water is accessible from the various outdoor taps at the site. For single-day adventures, you will need to supply your own. Alcohol is permitted (in moderation) at our weekend events and prohibited from single day adventures. The staff reserve the right to ask you to leave IC areas of the event site should you become too inebriated. Free tea, coffee and squash are provided for the crew at our weekend events.

If you wish to cook and eat in the IC areas, you should bring equipment/utensils that fit the theme of the system: medieval-style drinking vessel (tankard, drinking horn etc.), wooden plates/bowls and metal or wooden cutlery. If you wish to cook on open fires in the IC areas of an event site, you may do so at the dedicated fire pits and BBQ points. Remember to bring matches or a lighter. Only fallen wood may be collected from around the site and used for open fires. Portable camping stoves are allowed in both the IC and OOC areas of an event site and may be used with care in the IC and OOC shelters. Only the staff and crew may use the kitchen and oven in the Longhouse to prepare food.

Players do not have access to the refrigerator located in the Longhouse unless it is to store medication, and we recommend bringing a cool box to store perishables. The crew may use the fridge, however, there is limited room, so bringing a cool box to ensure you can store perishables is recommended.

Plastic or modern-looking equipment is NOT allowed in IC areas whilst a game is in progress; the same goes for plastic or modern-looking food packaging, drinks bottles and cans etc. If the staff discover items breaking this rule, we will immediately remove them from the IC zone/s and place them at the shelter at the OOC camping field for you to collect later. You may only use modern equipment in the designated OOC areas of an event site. The crew do not need to worry about this rule as food can be prepared and eaten in the Longhouse.

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Head to the BOOK PLAYER TICKETS page to book player tickets, or the BOOK FREE CREW TICKETS page to sign up as crew.

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