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We are often asked where LARP weapons, gear, costume and props can be acquired from. Whilst we do not stock and sell standard equipment ourselves, we highly recommend the reputable suppliers listed below. We have purchased gear from all of the following retailers over the years, and can therefore vouch for the quality of their products, and the integrity of the company itself.

UK LARP Neothera Saga Shop Calimacil


Calimacil, founded in 2003, is based in Canada and is a manufacturer of high-quality foam weapons for LARP. They make beautifully realistic-looking swords, axes, maces, hammers, pole weapons and much more. They also offer a large selection of armour and accessories.

Check out their website here:

UK LARP Neothera Saga Shop Chow's


Whilst attending her first event, Chow found it very difficult to find any sort of costume and accessories for her character and seeing this gap in the market Chows Emporium was born. From such humble beginnings, it has now grown to be a regular sight on the LARP trader circuit.

Chow's, founded in 1994, and based in Buckinghamshire, sells an eclectic mix of costume and accessories sourced with LARPers in mind.

Check out their website here:

UK LARP Neothera Saga Shop Darkblade


Darkblade is based in Greenfield on the edge of Saddleworth Moor and they have been building leather equipment for over twenty years. Their leather armour and equipment is built to their own designs and they have come up with solutions for carrying all your weapons, pouches for every conceivable need, and armour that you can fight in and still move. All of their leather items have a lifetime guarantee.

Check out their website here:

UK LARP Neothera Saga Shop LarpGems


Based in Manchester and founded in 2004, LarpGems (formally known as Adventurer's Mart) sell a vast range of products produced by UK crafters within the hobby that have all been carefully chosen for their quality and durability. They also sell many other items of interest such as archery ammunition, makeup and much more.

Check out their website here:

UK LARP Neothera Saga Shop Larp Inn


Larp Inn is a small family business founded in 2009. They operate from a central warehouse in Telford. They ship all shapes and sizes of LARP kit to the UK and abroad. They also have a showroom where you can drop by to check out their stock. There are LARP weapons for both traditional, fantasy, futuristic and apocalyptic LARPs; affordable, entry-level costumes and a wide range of more elaborate, detailed pieces; and, thousands of other knick-knacks to flesh out characters.

Check out their website here:

UK LARP Neothera Saga Shop Larp Warriors


Based in High Wycombe and founded in 1998, Larp Warriors aim to make sure that all the products they offer are suitable for and able to pass the safety tests of all major LARP events. Larp Warriors boasts a diverse range of products ranging from trinkets, armour, weapons, costume clothing and DIY LARP gear.

Check out their website here:

UK LARP Neothera Saga Shop Mytholon


Mytholon, based in Germany, has been producing and selling goods for LARP and medieval enthusiasts since 1996. They have a wide range of products ranging from in-character camp ware, leather, chain and plate armour, to accessories, weapons and garments. Neothera Saga UK LARP often uses Mytholon for crew costume due to it being extremely durable.

Check out their website here:

UK LARP Neothera Saga Shop Wyrmwick Creations


Based in Worcestershire and founded in 2013, their work spans many genres, and they have produced sci-fi, medieval, fantasy and historical armour and props. The Wyrmwick team, as individuals, have been involved in the design and creation of Polyurethane resin LARP armour, Cosplay armour and props both for LARP and for the TV and Film industries. Although a little on the pricey side, the look and quality of Wyrmwick's goods is second to none.

Check out their website here:

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