Neothera Saga UK LARP welcomes new players and veterans alike to our unique and visually-pleasing games. The club has a variety of costume and LARP-safe weapons for players to hire, and if you are crewing you will be supplied with everything you need to get involved straight away - free of charge!

For an overview of what to prepare and bring to events, as well as covering logistics, out-of-character information such as timings, site safety, facilities and rules, please check out the 'Prepare For Adventure' guide available from the Rules & Lore section of this website. Please be aware that crew and player spaces at our events are limited and provided on a first-come-first-served basis.


10am - 6pm

Monday to Saturday

High Fantasy / Steampunk

Live Action Role Play

LARP / LRP in Exeter Devon UK 

We are a non-profit organisation.

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