(updated 03/09/2021)




  • If you have COVID-19 or are isolating, you MUST NOT attend a Neothera Saga UK LARP event.

  • Neothera Saga UK LARP will inform everyone via our SOCIAL MEDIA platforms and WEBSITE if an event is POSTPONED due to COVID-19-related issues that mean confirmed or potential participants are at risk (according to UK GOVERNMENT guidelines).

  • We reserve the right to refuse entry (or further participation) to an event if the game staff believe you are showing symptoms related to COVID-19. Physical checks could be made on-site, and the judgement of the staff will be used to determine this.

  • Due to the nature of LARP, and indeed our events (specifically), we recommend that ALL participants bear in mind that social distancing is NOT always possible. It is up to YOU to decide if attending a game is in your best interests BEFORE you confirm your attendance.

  • Until further notice, abilities, spells or effects with the range of TOUCH may be cast up to TWO FEET away from a target. This also includes physical healing. Be aware that those who attempt to use this to their advantage to bend game rules will lose EXP and/or HRP, and further action may be taken by the staff if necessary.

  • For attendees concerned about close contact with other participants, we are supplying non-intrusive armbands (supplied by game staff) that show your personal space should NOT be invaded. You may request one from the staff when you arrive at the site. ALL participants will be made aware of the purpose of these armbands before an event starts.

  • Anti-bacterial hand wash is provided for everyone that attends a Neothera Saga UK LAPR event. This will be made available to CREW in the cottage (at our weekend event site) and PLAYERS in the toilet blocks (at our weekend event site). However, we must stipulate that ALL ATTENDEES bring a supply of their own.

  • You should be aware that LARP is a social, close-contact activity, and face masks should be worn if you feel this is appropriate for your circumstances. That said, Neothera Saga UK LARP events take place in an outdoor environment (unless specified) and the use of a facemask is advised (but not compulsory or enforced by the staff - unless government guidelines state otherwise) in ALL circumstances where participants CANNOT keep six feet apart.

  • Participants may likely come into contact with costumes, props and other items (issued by the staff or supplied by other attendees) during an event. In the case of staff-issued items, these are disinfected before distribution. That said, we always recommend the use of a hand-sanitiser after handling such items.

  • Costume masks (worn on the face or over the head) will be issued to CREW on an individual basis. We will NOT expect you to wear a costume mask if someone else has worn it before you during the event (unless you choose to). We will assign masks to CREW that you keep for the entirety of an event.

  • Face paint and prosthetics (if required) for CREW will be applied with disinfected brushes/implements for each CREW member. PLAYERS must provide and apply their face paint and prosthetics themselves. The game staff cannot assist PLAYERS with this for the foreseeable future.

  • Costume and weapons (used by CREW and hired/borrowed by PLAYERS) will be washed and disinfected before each event we hold. 

  • The use of the kitchen (at our Caddihoe event site) is permitted by CREW ONLY, and we ask that no more TWO people enter the area at any time.

  • Complimentary food and drinks (previously specified to be provided by Neothera Saga UK LARP) will NOT be provided to participants unless otherwise stated. Drinking water is readily available at the outdoor taps and kitchen on site.

  • When using TOILET BLOCKS at our Caddihoe event site, you MUST make use of the anti-bacterial handwash (provided by Neothera Saga UK LARP) when entering or exiting the location. However, we must stipulate that ALL ATTENDEES bring a supply of their own.

  • Food and drink containers/utensils will NOT be supplied by Neothera Saga UK LARP staff until further notice. Remember to bring your own, and keep it IC if you are a PLAYER. You must also clean these yourself.

  • Keep the site clean. If you don't, the game staff (unpaid volunteers) must clean up after you. DON'T put the game staff at unnecessary risk by having to clean up or move your dirty kit, eating/drinking utensils or other items that you leave in IC or OOC areas of the event site. For the foreseeable future, there will be NO lost and found section. Anything left at the site when it closes will be disposed of in the bins provided.

  • When applying face paint, make-up or prosthetics in the toilet or shower blocks (at the weekend event site), clean up immediately afterwards. DON'T put the game staff (unpaid volunteers) at unnecessary risk by having to clean up after you.

  • Our terms and conditions in regards to ticket transfers, refunds or cancellations can be found HERE.