Based in Exeter, Devon in the United Kingdom, the Neothera Saga is a uniquely themed live action role-playing (LARP) system created by a family unit in 2014, with our first game held in May 2015. Set in the fictional world of Neothera, the game has its roots firmly set in medieval, high fantasy and steampunk genres. The system focuses on story-driven, campaign-based, combat, puzzle and lore-orientated, immersive games set in a living, breathing world that develops according to your actions as a player or crew member.

We offer you the chance to step into a vast and story-rich universe of mythical creatures and epic battles, where magic and technology compete for dominance. In this immersive setting, you will step into a lore-rich environment that boasts highly-detailed races, realms, faiths and cultures. The world of Neothera is embellished by lovingly-written handbooks that provide you with all the information you need to get started and to progress your game.


You will regularly encounter legendary creatures, sci-fi technology, assist or conspire against the realms of the world, and make choices that result in how the game world evolves. All participants can actively shape the world according to their actions, regardless of their prior LARP experience. Neothera Saga UK LARP boasts a unique rules system and progression-based character development, where every participant has an impact in the game world regardless of how powerful their character is, or how long they have been attending our events.

At Neothera Saga UK LARP the story is in YOUR hands...


UK LARP Neothera Saga Crew Exeter Devon
UK LARP Neothera Saga Crew Exeter Devon


We are pleased to announce we are hosting a SINGLE DAY ADVENTURE on Saturday 7th August 2021, which will be held at Woodbury Common, Exeter, Devon. Sign up for a FREE crew ticket HERE, or book on as a player HERE


IMPORTANT NEWS (24/02/2021)

Due to ongoing government restrictions during the COVID pandemic, we have decided to postpone our April and June 2021 weekend events. READ MORE HERE! 

NEWS (19/11/2020)

LORE COMPENDIUM RELEASE! We've worked extremely hard over the last 11 months to put together the ultimate game guide for the Neothera Saga LARP system, and we are proud to show the fruits of our labour! The Lore Compendium is intended to assist all participants in their understanding of game lore, and help with costuming and role-play. Within its 237 pages, you can expect to find the following: Highly-detailed information, drawing upon lore form 25+ events...The choices our players and crew made to shape the game world of Neothera. Accompanying photo and picture guides. Highly-detailed hand-drawn maps. Five in-game ages spanning over 6000 years. Five living and breathing continents to discover. 21 realms to assist or conspire against. 68+ world locations to explore. 26 prominent races. 28 divine entities and 19 holy days. 13 elements: The magical forces of the world. You can download your free copy of the Lore Compendium from the RULES & LORE page of this website from 6pm on 20/11/2020.


UK LARP Exeter Devon Neothera Saga Banne
UK LARP Exeter Devon Neothera Saga Banne
UK LARP Exeter Devon Neothera Saga Banne
UK LARP Exeter Devon Neothera Saga Banne
UK LARP Exeter Devon Neothera Saga Banne
UK LARP Exeter Devon Neothera Saga Banne
UK LARP YouTube Neothera Saga Exeter Devon
UK LARP Discord Neothera Saga Exeter Devon
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