The Neothera Saga is a uniquely themed live-action role-play (LARP) system created by a family unit in 2014, with our first game being held in May 2015. Over the years, our non-profit game has grown from starting with a handful of attendees to selling out player tickets consecutively for the past few years. We are dedicated to bringing you high-quality games set in our fictional steampunk / high fantasy influenced world - Think Lord of the Rings meets Mad Max!

Specialising in story-driven, campaign-based, immersive events, in a living, breathing world that evolves according to actions our players and crew make, we offer you the chance to step into a vast and lore-rich land of mystical creatures and epic battles, where magic and technology compete for dominance. ​Here you can actively shape the game world and story according to your actions, regardless of your prior LARP experience, with a unique rules system and progression-based player character development – where every participant has an impact in the game world regardless of how long they have been attending our events.

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10am - 6pm

Monday to Saturday

High Fantasy / Steampunk

Live Action Role Play

LARP / LRP in Exeter Devon UK 

We are a non-profit organisation.

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